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  • We highly recommend Hometown Animal Hospital!! We have a small Yorkie(Mia) that started having breathing difficulties the around the 1st of August so we took her to see our regular Vet (who had been caring for both our Yorkies for the past 4 years) we took her several times for her breathing over the last 4 months each time they gave her steroids and antibiotics and ran all kinds of expensive tests but still weren’t able to tells us what was wrong with her meanwhile she just kept getting worse!! I was venting my frustrations to a friend and he suggested I take her to see his friend at Hometown Animal Hospital I called the very next morning and they were able to see her the same day and during that single visit they listened to her lungs and took one X-ray and were able to tell us exactly what was wrong with her! No fancy tests that just cost more and more money to “just rule things out” They wanted to find out what was going on with her as much as we did and it didn’t cost a fortune to do it!! The sad thing is that it took so long to figure out what was wrong with her that now there is nothing that can be done for her!! I wish I had taken her to here first!!! If I had we wouldn’t be just keeping her comfortable while watching her slowly slipping away from us💔

    Jann Forsyth

  • I highly recommend Home Town Animal Hospital for your large and small animal needs! They are very fair priced, which is hard to find in Central Oregon and go out of their way to assist you for emergency and non emergency needs!

    Lisa Baldwin

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