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  • I was told naming my six year old rescue dog Ornery was like naming a horse Buck but as it is a family name. She is a rescue mix of Great Dane, Pointer, Keeshond and a breed-to-be-named later and is smart, protective, alert and active to a fault hunting down rabbits and belding squirrels. To say Ornery does not like anything about going to see the vet other than getting back in the car and going home would be an understatement—and did I mention she weights 130 pounds and all but five pounds are muscle and bone. She had an abscess between her toes [cheatgrass] and they got us in to treat it that afternoon and Doc Davis sent her home with a clean wound and an antibiotic to heal it—a week on and healed it is. Doctor Hamm treated Ornery's raging urinary tract infection four years ago and Doctor Williams treated Ornery's driver, cook and bottle washer for his anxiety over non-existent parasites and sent them home with some pain meds. Ornery's hunting and attraction to the droppings of Flickers and doves has her on regular dosing with Drontal which support staff quickly get prescriptions for to vendors. Ornery's size and disposition when facing medical intervention makes treating her a challenge, a challenge the staff at Hometown have met on every occasion—for that and their care Ornery and her driver, cook and bottle washer are most grateful.

    Tom O’Connor

  • Great job at dental work on my very fragile Yorkie. Great value as well. I would recommend anyone to use Hometown Animal Hospital.

    City of Mitchell

  • 4.7 Google Rating

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